Astro AstroHelp
A tool for creating Windows Help in Microsoft Word 6.x/7.x

AstroHelp is no longer to be developed: here is the final release. I have no plans of releasing any new versions that would work under WinWord 97. AstroHelp from now becomes freeware and is distributed with full source code.

AstroHelp features (here is the Russian version of this text)

The main idea of AstroHelp is to speed-up work with Help-specific elements (footnotes and jumps). No additional concepts are introduced, but the existing ones are made more accessible and convenient.

Help-development system should meet certain requirements, to remain at least usable. Here is the minimal set:

Besides these, AstroHelp also provides the following:

Also included are Quick start and Quick advance tutorials with step-by-step instructions, as well as setup program for easy installing and uninstalling.

[]Screen snapshot
[] Download! (166k)
[]WinHelp: tips & tricks

Victor Sapojnikov * August 5, 1997