Truman Show Newspaper Clipping

'Truman' wraps up filming on Friday

Taylor Camp

Freedom Newspapers: Thursday, March 6th, 1997

SEASIDE - Hollywood will take its leave of the Emerald Coast on Friday.

Filming of Paramount Picture's The Truman Show in Seaside wraps up then, ending a three-month run in the otherwise cozy town. Crews began arriving in Seaside in August 1996 and cameras rolled in early December. Scenes were also shot in Panama City and at various area locations.

The film, directed by aclaimed Dead Poets Society director Peter Weir, stars Jim Carrey and co-stars Laura Linney and Dennis Hopper. Ed Feldman is executive producer.

Carrey stars as Truman in the most famous, longest running television show in the world. He doesn't realize though, that the television show is really an ongoing chronicle of his life.

After Paramount's departure from Seaside, filming will continue in Los Angeles for about four weeks, where all the Dennis Hopper scenes will be shot. Some crews will stay behind for the next couple of weeks to finish taking down sets. Seaside will keep some of the movie sets for community use.

As for the film itself, Feldman said he is pleased with the acting and the results.

"The picture is based on a vision coming to reality. Carrey has done a terrific job, and people will be very excited when they see his performance.

He's like a young Jimmy Stewart. he handles dramatic scenes very well," Feldman said.

The movie is expected to be released in the fall, but no date has been set. Feldman said Paramount is also committed to a showing of the film in the area prior to its release, but details are not finalized.

Production has stayed on schedule except for a few days lost to weather.

"We got 97 to 98 percent of what we needed," Feldman said. "We lost two or three days of night beach scenes because of terrible fog, and we'll have to shoot those in L.A.

"Seriously, this is my 30th picture, and this area has the greatest collection of extras - the generosity, spirit and enthusiasm of the whole community has allowed us to have a very good experience," Feldman said.

The movie has also pumped $15 million into the local economy, he said, not including trickle down effects.

Seaside founder Robert Davis said Paramount's stay has been beneficial, and he praised the efforts of the film crews. "They've done a remarkable job of taking care of things, and they're very easy to work with," Davis said.

Davis noted several benefits from the movie, including some $300,000 in location fees to be put toward a permanent building for the Seaside Neighborhood School.

He also said that at least one of the buildings from the movie would remain on the central square at Seaside.