Seaside residents hob nob with Jim Carrey
Sunday, December 15, 1996

Shirley Courson
Entertainment Editor

Jim Carrey is turning heads in Seaside. Hopefully everyone knows by now that Paramount is filming The Truman Show in Walton and Bay Counties. Well, over the weekend some lucky Seaside business owners were invited to a kick-off party at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach.

Sara Modica said it was "wonderful.'' And why wouldn't it be, she hob nobbed with Jim Carrey, Lauren Holley and Laura Linney.

`"Jim Carrey was very pleasant,'' she said. `"He just enjoyed the music and would nod to people. It was very crowded with lots of real nice people.''

Jim Pope, who works at a personal training facility in Seaside agreed, saying Carrey is just a normal guy.

"Nobody bothered him. He sat down in a booth beside us and carried on a conversation with his friends.''

Filming began Monday on the film, so if you're planning to go to Seaside be forewarned that you may have to take a detour because County 30-A will be closed to traffic at times. Today around 300 extras will be on site for the filming of street scenes.

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