Scene Four: "Police Frequency"

Truman is driving in to work. He is listening to the radio and we see him from a hidden camera behind the radio display.
And it's another beautiful day in paradise folks, but don't forget to buckle up out there in radioland. Remem- good driver, good - good, good - good - good good. Good good good good good driver. Good driver, good good good driver.

Truman looks down at the radio. The frequency keeps jumping around. The sound goes in and out. Part of a song cuts in as Truman fiddles with the controls, then it seems to clear up somewhat.

Wait for the cue background, wait for the cue. Standby one.

Truman bangs the radio with his fist, causing the camera to go to static for a moment.
Countdown to action. Stand by one.

Truman lifts his foot and gives the radio a kick. This knocks out the camera and the view immediately switches to a view from the back seat.

He's heading west on Stewart. Stand by all extras. He'll be on you in about ninety seconds. Props, make sure the coffee's hot. Okay, he's making his turn onto Lancaster Square.

Truman is just turning onto Lancaster Square. When he notices the street sign, he stares at it, and nearly hits a woman on the street.

Oh my God, he nearly hit Paula. Something's wrong. Change frequencies.

Loud feedback is heard from the radio and everyone on the street comes to a complete halt, clutching at their ears.
Ouch. Sorry about that folks. I guess we picked up a police frequency or something. It sometimes happens and it can drive you crazy.

Truman parks his car and looks around him, not knowing what to make of what just happened.