The Taste and Touch and Beauty of Life

Laura confronts Max after his escapades on the roof ledge.

Laura: Talk to me. Tell me what's going on. Talk to me Max! Every day you have to jump off a roof or stand in front of a train so you can lose your fear, is that it? What about me? What about Jonah? You're like a crazy person. Black is white and-

Max: I'm not crazy.

Laura: I love you. We have lived together for 16 years, they have been great.

Max: Not always.

Laura: Yes, always. They've always been great for me. Even when I hate you I know I love you. I know you were happy too. Remember? Do you remember our marriage?

Max: Even if I could remember, then what? How can I live in a memory?

Laura: You see, that's cruel. Do you know that's cruel?

Max: It's the truth.

Laura: The truth? You didn't tell Jonah the truth.

Max: That was very unfair to use him that way.

Laura: Fair? Well you tell me what's fair. What am I supposed to do, let you kill yourself?

Max: I walked away from that crash with my life, that's what survived, the taste and touch and beauty of life.

Laura: But I love that.

Max: I won't give that up.

Laura: I don't want you to give it up. Let me in, let me be part of it.

Max: You can't.

Laura: I wish I had been on that fucking plane.

Max: I'm very grateful you weren't.

Laura: You don't make sense, you said it was extraordinary, so beautiful.

Max: You're right, I don't make sense, and I don't want to.

Laura: I know, that what you find is special, whatever it is, and wherever it leads you it's thrilling, but there must be a way to live with it so that it does make sense. I'm going to survive this. I can't fight for you anymore. You want to destroy yourself, I can't stop you. I hope you make it.