Dead Poets Society on DVD

        Unfortunately, the folks at Disney were rather lazy when they put together the DVD for Dead Poets Society. The simple fact that it was a very good hit for them should have warranted a special edition. (When movies like "Supergirl" are being released with commentary, extra footage, and documentaries, one would think that this movie would deserve the special treatment.)
        The only way this DVD could have been any worse was if they had decided not to release the DVD in widescreen version.

        My wish list for a Dead Poets Society: Special Edition DVD:

  1. inclusion of all extra scenes already available in laser disc version and some tv versions. (with option to watch the film with or without the extra scenes.)
  2. original theatrical trailers. I remember there were a number of interesting ones, with some trying to make the film out as a serious drama and others passing it off as a complete comedy.
  3. audio commentary with the director and/or actors.
  4. behind the scenes footage
  5. interviews with the actors (it would be fascinating to interview many of the stars from the movie now)
  6. isolated soundtrack
  7. poems from the film
Anyone else want to add to the wish list?

Anyway, for now we are stuck with the "not so special" edition of Dead Poets Society. Here is a rundown of the menus.

As I said, nothing special here. 
We can listen to the film in French or English or get English captions. 
Additional Titles of Interest: Always an essential addition to any DVD

Flubber, Nothing to Lose, Swingers, and Good Morning Vietnam. Naturally, all DPS fans love these movies!

P.S. Yes, I am being very sarcastic here...

Chapter Selection:  
1) Program Start
2) Opening Credits
3) Business As Usual
4) Unorthodox Methods
5) On Poetry
6) Freethinkers
7) The Society Reconvenes
8) Finding a Voice
9) Stirred Up
10) Combining Disciplines
11) Original Poetry
12) Lesson On Conformity
13) Aerodynamic Desk Set
14) Seizing the Moment
15) Paternal Displeasure
16) Seeking Counsel
17) Persistent Suitor
18) Visitor
19) Severe Consequences
20) Drastic Measure
21) Honor Code
22) Taking a Stand
23) End Credits